Make An Appointment


Contact me via Instagram, email me on or fill in the below to an appointment.

Your message should include a short description of the tattoo you're wanting to get (whether its your own unique idea or a design of mine you've seen, colour or black and grey, size, style, placement on the body). Attach reference images if possible, these can be saved from the internet or photographs you've taken. Anything visual to help me get an idea of what you're asking for is helpful.

Please include what days and times are good for you, having a few options is always good as your first pick may not be available. If you have a budget in mind please let me know so we can discuss options.

Otherwise I can give a quote for the tattoo. If you'd prefer to do this whole process in person then you're welcome to book in for a consult, they're free and take 15 mins max.

Once we've finalised concept and booking times the deposit details we'll be sent, you'll be added to the calendar and i'll see you in person for the tattoo session, easy!