About Hiram Vaeau

Hiram Fa’alia Vaeau (He/him) began tattooing in 2015, prior to which he worked as a freelance graphic designer. Hiram describes himself as having a deep love and appreciation for tattooing and considers his role as a tattooer as one of trust and responsibility to the various communities that seek him out and wear his tattoos.

Drawing on his experience in tattooing as both a wearer and a practitioner, Hiram endeavours to provide people with a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment in the Vaeau Family Studio; a private space located in central Tāmaki Makaurau, Grey Lynn.

Hiram believes that good tattoos come from an ethical and transparent process in which the tattooer listens to the wearer and guides them in making informed decisions together. He uses his knowledge and passion for the visual language of tattoo culture to ensure that each design is expertly crafted and applied using modern technology and hygiene standards.

To make a time to speak with Hiram, please fill out the booking request form found here.