Before Your Appointment

The ideal client has an open mind, is well rested, has had some food and is prepared for the tattoo session ahead. Its a no brainer but to ensure this:

  • Eat at least 2 hours before your appointment, tattoos can hurt! having energy in the tank is an important part of getting through that pain.

  • Be well rested, try get a decent sleep in before your appointment, being relaxed as possible makes the process easier on everyone.

  • Don't be drunk on drugs or hungover, alcohol and drugs wont make it hurt less, but it will make it harder to tattoo you and increase the risk of passing out or other complications - hangover is obviously just a terrible idea.

  • Light snacks/water is good - If you're in for a long session feel free to bring some small snacks or something to drink, its important to keep your energy and blood sugar up.

  • Be clean, Tattooer and client will be in close proximity with each other, we arent trying to smell each others B.O - we're clean, you should be too.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, don't come dressed in your Sunday best, tattoo can sometimes be messy, we're dealing with blood and ink its best you come in comfortable in clothes - if you're having an intimate area tattooed (upper thighs, sternum, pelvis etc.) wear clothes that will allow us to affectively reach the area to tattoo but also keep you modest, we do have lavalava on hand to help with this so don't fret but the more you can do the easier it is on us

We facilitate a welcoming and friendly tattoo environment, we welcome peoples of all walks of life. everyone should be relaxed and comfortable during the process - if for any reason at all that you aren't comfortable please be vocal and tell us, we will do absolutely everything within our power to make sure your tattoo experience is a good one.